Queens Of The Rollerdisco

Alternahunk are a three-piece experimental guitar-based post-techno outfit well known for their spectacular live shows at various clubs and events in 1995 and 1996 including the Big Day out in 1996 and the Newtown Festival in 1994 and 1995. Jasmine, Adrienne and Phoebe have just released an album on local label Dual Plover which documents the 18 months or so that the band was together - now Adrienne lives in Melbourne. Breaking through the patriarchal strangehold upon the Internet Yellow Peril, who incidentally learnt to play the recorder from the mother of one the band's members during primary school, confronted Jasmine and Phoebe by email and inquired about why Alternahunk have released this debut posthumous album, and why they are launching it in a roller-rink and getting their friends to play cover versions of their own songs . . . .

Jasmine explains; "Alternahunk is a space for me, Adrienne and Phoebe to explore our current musical bents and ideas, musical and otherwise. As Alternahunk evolved, were offered more and more shows, attracting listeners from all musical backgrounds representing our diverse tastes in music and the fact that we never followed a particular genre of music". Phoebe locates their sound as closest to "spaced out dub pop" continuing that Alternahunk "started out doing chill out sets in late 1994. The music was quite droney and avant-garde, however this quickly evolved into much more structured song-orientated sets. We use drum machines, live bass, effected vocals and analogue synths. The synths are used like a guiter would be in a traditional pop line-up, rather than [the] techno-sequenced style or regular keyboards.

Phoebe continues; "The songs on the album are our hits to date. These and others made up our live sets, with fans yelling out for songs like B.N.K.S.N.M. [the erotically charged Barbie 'n' Ken S 'n' M] and Green Tara whenever we'd play. The shows would also include Adrienne Patrick's [the singer] computer animation that is very 'girly' - full of vaginas and ancient goddesses. The song Kismi had a choreographed bellydance to go with it that the 'Alternahunk Bellydancers' would perform at our shows . . . . We've copped a bit of flack about the fact that that we are releasing a CD as an non-currently-active band. We felt that it shouldn't matter. The music is great and hasn't dated due to it's lack of obvious genre. People don't seem to mind overseas bands releasing CDs without playing live or having another 5 albums in the pipe-line. Whereas in Australia there is an unwritten rule that says a band must play live to release a CD. Alternahunk are not going to end up like Radio Birdman, eternally having reunion shows. Each member has moved on to their next separate creative projects which we consider is an essential part of growing as an artist".

Alternahunk has chosen to launch their album, as all good rock bands do, at the Majestic Roller Rink in Petersham. A magnificent venue that most inner city children can remember either being taken to by their parents or on special school 'excursions', the roller-rink launch will not see Alternahunk perform live. Instead twelve other acts will play Alternahunk 'covers' . . . . amongst these acts are the 'cut your own hand off' industrial noise of Peeled Hearts Paste, the ethereal Pavo Christatus, former Vibe Tribe favourites Ju Ju Space Jazz, along with Mathew Bright, Sychromesh, Mute Freak, Sista Babel Fish, the painfully named Menstruation Blisters, and Sub Bass Snarl. As Jasmine explains, the motives behind this decision are purely aesthetic; "we thought it would be more fun to celebrate the release with our friends doing their own interpretations of Alternahunk songs, meanwhile we can skate and enjoy the fun of a Roller Disco and not to mention to check out who's cool on skates on who's not! Everyone I've talked to has funny childhood stories about roller rinks so it's interesting to think that people will be experiencing their own nostalgia on top of everything else and the Majestic Roller Rink is an excellent venue".

Phoebe is more pragmatic; " . . . getting other musicians to cover/remix/interpret our songs . . . . is a great alternative to us actually playing which seemed just to hard to achieve as well as kind of going back in time . . . The Majestic Roller Rink holds a very special place in our lives. All 3 of us are inner-westie chicks so spent our childhood rolling at this rink. Its a beautiful old building but they always play really bad music. We thought it would be unreal to launch the CD there. Especially as its a chance to get people out of the usual club/venue environment and give them something to do".

Alternahunk's album is out in the shops from the beginning of April on Dual Plover, and the launch takes place at the Majestic Roller Rink, 7pm to 10pm. Entry is $10 and $8 concession including skate hire.

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