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Perilous columns are now held in a database and are fully searchable.

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Perilous is a fortnightly column in the local Sydney street press written by Yellow Peril. The first one was in 1993 and it still continues today. Most columns since late 1994 are available and searchable.

Artist Interviews

Coldcut (March 1999)
Red Snapper (October 1998)
Alec Empire (May 1998)
Finitribe (April 1998)
Jonny L (November 1997)
"The Cops Are Jammin The Freequency" (1997)
Analysis Of The Dance Party Code (1997)
Ju Ju Space Jazz (1997)
Alternahunk (1997)
Atone (1997)
Terrence McKenna summary only(1997)
Gulp Communications (1997)
Carl Cox (1996-7) revised version
Think Communications (1996)
Plaid (ex-Black Dog) (1996)
Meat Beat Manifesto (1996)
Empirion (1996)
Drome & Nonplace Urban Field (1996)
LFO (1996)



Fundamental (1995)
James Lavelle & MoWax (1995)
Detrimental (1995)
The Wolfgang Press (1995)
Michael Franti & Spearhead (1995)
Richard H Kirk (1994)
Snog (1994)
Anton Fier & The Golden Palominos (1994)
Autechre & The CJB (1994)
Severed Heads (1994)
Ollie Olsen & PsyHarmonics (1994)
Sven Vath (1994)
The Pale Saints (1994)
Laurent Garnier (1993)

Against Mixtapes (Kronic Oscillator 1996)
Gemma & Seymour Butz (Tharunka 1996)
B(if)tek (Geekgirl 1996)
Rave Sell-Outs (Tharunka 1996)
The Politics Of Hemp (Oyster 1994)

CD Reviews (not updated recently - check Cyclic)

By Others

The City On A Bicycle (Racer X - 1997)
The Art Of Noise (Lex Luthor - 1996)



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