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The Youth, Sound And Space page is mainly designed as a 'crossroads' of sorts for young academics and researchers who have common interests in youth cultures that involve musical practices and the construction of social space.

The group of people involved is diverse - those involved are working in research arenas such as sociology, musicology, media and communications studies, performance studies and human geography - but also djs and musicians involved within music scenes in Australia.

The group, and this site, primarily serve as a forum for debate and discussion about youth cultures in an informal, but academically rigorous manner.

If you are researching or working in this area and would be interested in being involved in the group or contributing to this page, email Kurt Iveson with a short, informal bio on your musical and/or academic interests. Participation is open to and welcome from all people, academics or not.

Articles are accepted from non-list members . . . . simply contact Sebastian Chan for details of how to submit to us.

List SYSOP - Sebastian Chan, Powerhouse Musem, Sydney.

Subscription Manager - Kurt Iveson, Dept Of Geogrpahy, University Of Durham, UK.



To view most (but NOT all) of these you will now need the FREE ADOBE ACROBAT READER available here.


Christopher Brookman - 'Forever Young': Consumption and Evolving Neo-tribes in the Sydney Rave Scene

Rick Bull - The Aesthetics Of Acid

Michelle Duffy - Rhythmic Landscapes - Performing A Sense Of Place

Chris Gibson - Subversive Sites - Rave Culture, Empowerment & the Internet

Chris Gibson & Rebecca Pagan - Rave Culture In Sydney, Australia - Mapping Youth Spaces In Media Discourse

Shane Homan - After The Law - The Phoenician Club, The Premier & The Death Of Anna Wood *

Kurt Iveson - Partying, Politics & Getting Paid - Hip Hop & National Identity In Australia *

Kid Kenobi/Jesse Desenberg - Ecstasy And The Status Quo

Ian Maxwell - Abstract From His PhD on Sydney Hip Hop

Margaret MacGregor - Goin' Off - Subcultural Power & The Chemical Generation (1.0mb)

Tony Mitchell - Flat City Sounds: The Christchurch Music Scene

Tony Mitchell - Australian Hip Hop As A "Glocal" Subculture

Michael Park - Australian Dance Culture

Hillegonda Rietveld - Pure Bliss - Intertextuality In House Music

Arun Saldanha - Music, Space, Identity - Global Youth/Local Others In Bangalore, India

Special K/Kerrii Cavanagh- The Body, Cryogenesis & The T.A.Z.

Graham St John's PhD Thesis online - Alternative Cultural Heterotopia: ConFest as Australia's Marginal Centre [chapters 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8] - now printable!

Alex Thomas & Roger Hanney - Australian 'Dubmorph'

Yellow Peril/Sebastian Chan - The Death Of Diversity - Brief Criticism Of The Draft Code Of Practice For Dance Parties (NSW)

Yellow Peril/Sebastian Chan - 'The Cops Are Jammin' The Frequency' - A Brief Examination Of The Ombudsman's Report Into The Freequency Party



Miguel D'Souza - Hip Hop & Sydney's Western Suburbs



Kurt Iveson - Young And Homeless in Hollywood

Yellow Peril/Sebastian Chan - Music(ology) Needs A Context - Critiquing Goa Trance *




Eric Schlosser - Saturday Night At The Hacienda


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* indicates article published elsewhere also and usually noted in the article header.

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